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Treat your DAW files right!

All DAW projects
managed in one place.

No more clicking through folders to find your DAW project.
Works with most digital audio workstations.

Prelisten your projects
without opening them.

Our companion plugin let’s you record a key part of your DAW project and prelisten it in the dBdone app.

Open project
files directly.

No more folder opening.

No more folders.
Simply tag & search.

Our tag & sort feature will help you find your project much faster💨.

Create tasks & deadlines.

Stay organized with your tasks and ensure you never overlook completing your projects.

Generate project
names & artworks.

No more „cool-guitar-beat“ files. Let dBdone generate unique project names & images for you 🤹🏻‍♂️.

Collect important
files & links in one place.

You: Can you send me the Google Drive Link again please? Producer: Really? 🙄

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